Salesforce Classic New User Training

Salesforce Classic New User Training

This course covers:

Core functionality and common tasks, such as searching, creating records, running reports, sending emails, logging calls.

Customer Relationship Management Fundamentals as specifically performed on the Salesforce Platform

Encompasses the entire lifecycle of the typical sales process from

Marketing (Attract Customers)

Sales (Attain Customers)

Service (Retain Customers)

In this course, I show you and walk you through customizing your own Salesforce instance to automate and optimize your Marketing efforts. We will cover Campaign Management and automation.  We’ll cover lead-based marketing and discuss lead sources and how to track all of this in Salesforce. Track leads from various channels, such as Email, Web, Phone, Tradeshows, and Social.

I demonstrate key Sales Management and Enablement techniques around team-based selling, prospecting, and setting up multiple and varied Sales Processes.

Learn Salesforce analytics to measure user adoption, and key metrics for Marketing, Sales and Service through our Reports and Dashboards section.

The Salesforce Mobile interface is covered as well, once you understand the core concepts of the desktop experience. You'll also find helpful tips sprinkled in, all along the way. Go from Salesforce newbie to ninja in no time! 

Salesforce Classic New User Training
  • Contact Collaboration with Chatter

    Chatter functionality to enable collaboration on contact records in Salesforce is covered.

  • Understanding The Opportunity Record in Salesforce and Your Sales Process

    The Sales Process in Salesforce dictates the various stages that an opportunity goes through in the lifecycle of a deal. This lecture covers the various stages that can be set for an Opportunity, and how the stage impacts your forecasted revenue, as you move closer to closing a deal. We also expl...

  • Contact Roles on Opportunities - Decision Makers, Influencers Buyers, & More

    This lecture covers working with external people that belong to the company you are trying to win the business of. Contact Roles are where you assign contacts as Decision Makers, Influencers, Executive Sponsors, etc.

  • Team Based Selling with Opportunity Teams in Salesforce

    In this lecture we enable Team Based Selling in Salesforce. We then walk through how to add team members to an opportunity and assign them a role. Various sales roles are covered in this lecture. This lecture covers working with internal people to help close deals.

  • Using Salesforce Content to Equip Sales Reps

    In this lecture I show you how to use Salesforce Content and Libraries in order to equip your sales reps.

  • Opportunity Collaboration with Chatter

    This lecture shows you how to collaborate on opportunities with Chatter. Beyond the basics of posting and performing @ mentions and # hashtag topics, we also discuss how to bookmark Chatter posts, follow opportunities, etc.

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  • Introducing and Understanding the Case Record

    The Case record in Salesforce is explored. We cover key fields and the Case Detail screen.

  • Creating, Managing and Closing Cases in Salesforce

    In this lecture, we cover how to create cases, manage them, and close them.

  • Introducing the Salesforce Service Console

    The Salesforce Service Console gives you a more streamlined user experience for working cases. In this lecture, I show you how to enable the Sample Console in your own Salesforce org. I then run you through the interface of the Service Console. I show you how to create new cases, edit cases, clos...

  • Working in Queues

    I demonstrate how to set up various queues in order to work cases. I create a Tier 1 and a Tier 2 queue, and show you how to pull cases off of a queue and work them.

  • Case Automation in Salesforce

    You can collaborate with co-workers on cases in Chatter. This lecture shows you how.

  • Case Collaboration with Chatter

    In this lecture we explore how Chatter works with Cases inside the Service Console.

  • Salesforce Reports and Dashboards Introduction

    This introduction lecture sets the stage for the analytics section of this course, which covers reports and dashboards.

  • Common Types of Reports in Salesforce

    The lecture covers the different types of reports that you will likely encounter on the Salesforce platform. These include:

    Summary Reports

    Tabular Reports

    Matrix Reports

  • Creating Reports in Salesforce

    This lecture shows you how to create summary, tabular and matrix reports in Salesforce. You will also be introduced to filters, cross-filters, and various core functionalities in the report building process. I also demonstrate how to make the different types of reports in Salesforce, such as Summ...

  • Customizing Reports and Creating Reports Folders in Salesforce

    This lecture shows you how to customize reports in Salesforce. I also demonstrate bucket fields.

  • Salesforce Report Scheduling and Automation

    In this lecture, I cover how to schedule reports to be generated and sent to a distribution list. I also cover how to subscribe to a report, which entails setting conditions that once met, will send you an email of the report.

  • Common Types of Dashboards and Their Components in Salesforce

    This lecture covers common types of dashboards you will find in Salesforce. I also discuss and demo the various types of dashboard components that are available for use. You can go to to search for and download various Dashboard apps to install in your own Salesforce or...

  • Creating Dashboards in Salesforce

    This lecture walks you through the steps involved in creating a dashboard. I start out by creating a new dashboard by cloning an existing one. I cover how to delete dashboard components and make edits, such as adjusting column widths. I walk you through how to create a new dashboard from scratch,...

  • Customizing Dashboards in Salesforce

    Now that you are familiar with creating dashboards in Salesforce, it is time to learn how to customize them. In this lecture I run you through the Dashboard Properties window and how to change the fonts and colors, and even adding background fade effects to your Dashboards. We also discuss differ...

  • Salesforce Dashboard Scheduling and Automation

    Dashboard scheduling is not supported in the free Salesforce account, so I demonstrate this functionality in a demo account. You can schedule refreshes of Dashboards in Salesforce and I run you through the process in this lecture.

  • The Saleforce Mobile App Introduction (formerly 'Salesforce1')

    This section sets the stage for what we will cover in this section related to the Salesforce1 mobile app, such as downloading and installing the app, navigation and UI, and global actions.

  • Touring the Salesforce Mobile User Interface, Navigation, and Global Actions

    n this lecture we tour the Salesforce1 interface. The Search functionality of Salesforce1 is shown. The Navigation menu is explored, along with Global Actions. I demonstrate performing a Chatter post in Salesforce1. I also show how to add a photo to a Chatter post, using the camera in your phone....