Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder

Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder

Build an IMDb Clone App While Studying for the Platform App Builder Certification.

Salesforce retired their Developer 401 Certification in September, 2015. Taking its place is the Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification, which is considered the starting point for Beginner and Aspiring Developers on the Salesforce Platform. This course covers every core concept that you need to understand in order to pass the Platform App Builder Certification Exam.

This course is structured after the official Study Guide for this certification. We go through each section of the Study Guide and I have devoted a corresponding section of the course with each section of the Study Guide. Helpful quizzes close out each section of the course, so you can test your retention and knowledge of these core concepts as you pursue getting certified.

In this course we will:

Sign You Up for a Free 2-User Salesforce Account

Go through over 20 hours of video training content

Develop an IMDb Clone app throughout the duration of this course

Create External Objects and External Data Sources using Salesforce Connect and Heroku

Work extensively in the Setup Menu for both Salesforce Classic and the new Lightning Experience.

Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder
  • Lesson 01 - My Bio and Getting Started

    We get started by getting acquainted with me. I cover my background on the Salesforce Platform, as well as my Salesforce Certifications.

    Platform App Builder Exam Guide -

  • Lesson 02 - The Platform App Builder Exam Guide

    In this lecture, I walk you through the Exam Guide for the Platform App Builder Certification, and how it relates to the structure of this course. I also discuss the maintenance schedule for credentialed professionals and the timeframe for new features to make their way to the certification exam....

  • Lesson 03 - Signing Up for a Free Salesforce Account

    In this lesson, I walk you through signing up for a free Salesforce account.

  • Lesson 07 - Salesforce Lightning Experience Interface Quick Tour

    In this lecture, we get oriented to the new Salesforce Lightning Experience user interface. I walk you through some of the core, universal features, such as Search, the Navigation Bar, and more.

  • Lesson 08 - Salesforce Classic Interface Quick Tour

    This lecture takes you through the Salesforce User Interface, at an introductory level. The initial screen to register your phone number with your Salesforce account is also shown. The Application Menu and Tabs are introduced and explained, along with a glimpse of your home page.

  • Lesson 09 - Accessing the Setup Menu and Reviewing Your Company Information

    In this lecture, I show you how to access the Setup menu in Salesforce Classic and in Salesforce Lightning Experience. Once there, we navigate through much of the Setup menu and discuss searching through Setup. I also visit the Company Information screen and show you how to specify changes to you...

  • Lesson 10 - Helpful Practice Activity – Setting up Your User Account

    In this helpful practice activity, I walk you through how to first edit your own user account. I then walk you through how to create a new user account in your own Salesforce instance.

  • Lesson 11 - Salesforce Fundamentals Introduction

  • Lesson 12 - Multitenant Architecture Overview

    In this lecture I discuss the ins and outs of the platform, and shared resources and limits. Check the Resources section of this lecture, as well.

    Resources: Multitenant Architecture -
    Salesforce Developer Home -...

  • Lesson 13 - Introducing the MVC Design Pattern

    In this lecture I discuss the MVC Design Pattern, and how it applies to Salesforce. Understanding this design pattern will help you comprehend the structure of Salesforce as a whole, and how the different pieces and functionality fit together. Check the Resources section for this lecture.


  • Lesson 14 - The Salesforce Schema

    In this lecture I discuss the Salesforce Schema. We visualize this by getting introduced to the Schema Builder.

  • Lesson 15 - Helpful Practice Activity – Downloading Apps off the AppExchange

    In this lecture I show you how to install a few good applications off of the AppExchange. These apps contain good reports and dashboards that we will demonstrate and work with further in subsequent lectures. I provide links to these apps as well as additional ones from the Resources section of th...

  • Lesson 16 - AppExchange Sample Exam Question #3 from Study Guide

    In this lecture, I walk you through Sample Exam Question #3 from the exam guide. Please note that Salesforce no longer provides a PDF exam guide with practice test questions. Refer to the current exam guide link below for the latest exam guide that they provide.

    Exam Guide - https://tr...

  • Lesson 17 - Helpful Practice Activity – Resetting Your Security Token

    In this lecture I show you how to reset your security token. You will need your security token in order to log in to certain applications, such as the Data Loader and the IDE.

  • Lesson 18 - Data Modeling and Management Introduction

    In this lecture, I introduce you to the Data Modeling and Management Introduction section of the course.

  • Lesson 19 - Let’s Talk About Objects

    This lecture introduces you to the concept of objects, and specifically, the two types of objects you must be familiar with in order to not only pass the Administrator exam, but to also effectively administer the Salesforce platform. Those two types of objects are:

    Standard Objects

    Custom Objec...

  • Lesson 20 - Understanding Standard Objects

    In this lecture I introduce you to the Object Manager in Lightning Experience. I walk you through how to identify standard vs. custom objects in the Object Manager. We also switch to Salesforce Classic and look at how the Setup menu has the Customize menu for Standard Objects and Create for Custo...

  • Lesson 21 - Understanding Custom Objects

    In this lecture I discuss custom objects in Salesforce. We explore the api name of custom objects as well.

  • Lesson 22 - Creating Custom Objects for an IMDb Clone App

    In this lecture, I walk you through the process of creating custom objects that we will use for our IMDb Clone app.

  • Lesson 23 - Understanding Standard Fields

    In this lecture we review Standard fields. We also investigate the different types of standard fields that are available on different standard objects and custom objects.

  • Lesson 24 - Understanding Custom Fields

    In this lecture I introduce you to Custom Fields. We walk through the steps of creating a custom field on our Productions app that we are building, that we will use to capture the Year of a production. I also show you how to make a field required, which may be a topic you find on your certificati...

  • Lesson 25 - Understanding Field Types

    In this lecture I discuss the different field types that are available to you whenever you create a custom field. I enter a new Production record into Salesforce and show you how our new Year custom field displays in the interface, along with how the field is displayed as required. I also show yo...

  • Lesson 26 - Creating Text and URL Fields

    In this lecture, I walk you through how to create different text fields. I also show you how to create a URL field.

  • Lesson 27 - Setting Field Level Security on a Field

    In this lecture I set the Field Level Security (FLS) on the Description custom field on the Production object. This is done from the Detail page for the field. The FLS specifies if a field is Visible, and if it is Read Only and you can make these designations at the Profile level. We also cover f...