Salesforce Certified Administrator - Lightning Experience - Part 4

Salesforce Certified Administrator - Lightning Experience - Part 4

Final course in my 4-course series on the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam in Lightning.
This course covers the following Knowledge Areas of the Exam Guide:

Analytics - Reports and Dashboards
Workflow / Process Automation
Desktop and Mobile Administration

I also have a Salesforce Practice Test Course with three timed practice tests available here -

Salesforce Certified Administrator - Lightning Experience - Part 4

    Resource: -

  • Creating Flows with the Flow Builder

    Enable Lightning Runtime for Flows-

  • Installing Flows via the AppExchange

    Flows on the AppExchange -

    Lightning Flow Sample Pack -

  • Which Automation Tool to Use

    Which Automation Tool Do i Use? -

  • Einstein Next Best Actions

    Trailhead - Einstein Next Best Action -

    Online Help - Einstien Next Best Action -

  • Desktop and Mobile Administration Introduction

  • Mobile Quick Start Wizard

    I have recently released a new Admin Course for 2021. Here's an updated video for the latest Mobile Quick Start -

  • Object Specific Quick Actions

  • Configuring Actions on Page Layouts

  • Salesforce Mobile Apps

    In this lesson we review the various mobile apps available from Salesforce.

    Salesforce Mobile iOS -
    Salesforce MobileA iOS -
    Salesforce Mobile Android -...

  • Salesforce Lightning for Outlook Installation and Syncrhonization

    In this lesson we look at Outlook Configuration settings available in Salesforce. We also discuss Lightning Sync.

    Lightning Sync Overview -

  • AppExchange

    The AppExchange is Salesforce's app store. In this video, I discuss apps, components and other features that can be found on AppExchange.

    AppExchange -