Salesforce Certified Administrator - Lightning Experience - Part 2

Salesforce Certified Administrator - Lightning Experience - Part 2

This course is part 2 of my new Salesforce Certified Administrator series, recorded in Salesforce Lightning.
This course covers the following Knowledge Areas of the Exam Guide:

Standard and Custom Objects
Sales and Marketing Applications

I also have a Salesforce Practice Test Course with three timed practice tests available here -

Salesforce Certified Administrator - Lightning Experience - Part 2
  • Course Introduction - Standard and Custom Objects Knowledge Area Overview

    This is the introduction to part 2 of this 4 course series. When I recorded this, I thought I would be doing a total of 3 parts. So please note that there are indeed a total of 4 courses in this Admin Certification series with a focus on Lightning Experience and just ignore that part where I ment...

  • Standard Objects and Relationships

  • Creating a Custom Object

    In this lesson, I run through how to create a custom object.

  • Granting Access Using Hierarchies

    Standard objects grant access using hierarchies in Salesforce. You can also set custom objects to grant access utilizing the Role Hierarchy as well.

  • Master-Detail Relationships

    A Master-Detail relationship is a parent-child relationship in which the master object controls certain behaviors of the detail object:
    When a record of the master object is deleted, its related detail records are also deleted.
    The Owner field on the detail object is not available and is automati...

  • Lookup Relationships

    A Lookup relationship inks two objects together. Lookup relationships are similar to master-detail relationships, except they do not support sharing or roll-up summary fields.

    Object Relationships Overview -

  • Standard Fields

    In this lesson we discuss the Standard Fields that come out of the box with Salesforce.

  • Creating Custom Fields

    In this lesson, we create custom fields.

  • Customizing Page Layouts

    We utilize the Enhanced Page Layout Editor to customize page layouts in Salesforce.

  • Deleting Custom Fields

    Wherein we discuss the implications of deleting custom fields.

  • Changing Data Types on Fields and Data Loss

    When you change the data type of a field, you face the potential for data loss. In this lesson, we address the various caveats you need to be aware of.

  • Setting Field Dependencies

    Dependent picklists aka field dependencies...and how to create them. We discuss controlling fields and dependent fields as well.

  • Sample Exam Question #2

    So here's something that doesn't exist out in the wild any more - and fortunately I recorded this for posterity's sake - sample exam questions that used to be in the exam guide - way back a few months ago when Salesforce had a PDF of the exam guide, rather than the HTML version that they have out...

  • Enabling Field History Tracking

    You can track the history of field changes on an object for up to 20 fields. In this lesson I walk through the process of enabling field history tracking and specifying which fields you'd like to track the history of.

  • Customizing and Creating Page Layouts

    We leverage the Enhanced Page Layout Editor to customize and create page layouts.

  • Setting and Assigning Field Level Security

    Field Level Security (FLS) determines who can see and edit fields for an object. In this lesson we work through the process of setting FLS on various fields on an object. We also view Field Accessibility.

  • Page Layout Assignments

    Page layouts are assigned by Record Type and Profile. We work through the steps of assigning page layouts in this lesson.

  • Creating Record Types for Custom Objects

    You can introduce Record Types for Custom Objects in Salesforce. Although this isn't a decision to be taken lightly, circumstances may dictate that there's no better option than implementing Record Types on your custom object - such as needing to provide different page layouts for different users...

  • Page Layout Assignments by Record Type

    Now that we have implemented Record Types, it's now time to assign page layouts by profile and Record Type.

  • Business Processes for Standard Objects

  • Business Processes for Custom Objects

  • Creating a Path to Support Business Processes

    Paths can be created and added to a page layout. They are very helpful in supporting customized business processes, which we explore and demonstrate in this lesson.

    Adding a Path to a Case -

  • Sales and Marketing Applications Introduction

    The next knowledge area from the Admin Exam Guide is Sales and Marketing Applications. Here is an introductory overview of what we will be covering throughout this knowledge area - such as lead conversion, opportunities, etc. I also pontificate the Attract, Attain, Retain lifecycle of a business ...

  • Primary Marketing Components of Salesforce Applications

    In this lesson we cover the primary marketing components found in Salesforce applications.