Salesforce Certified Administrator - Lightning Experience - Part 1

Salesforce Certified Administrator - Lightning Experience - Part 1

Learn the fundamentals of the Salesforce Platform in the new User Interface - Lightning Experience. Salesforce Instructor Mike Wheeler works you through each of the Knowledge Areas found in the official Exam Guide for the Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam.

This course is part 1 of a brand new course series, recorded in the current release of Salesforce. Whereas my prior course was recorded in Salesforce Classic, this course is recorded in Lightning Experience. Also, in order to get the most current information out to you as quickly as possible, I am dividing up the Salesforce Administrator Certification into a series of courses - this is the first course in the new series. Subsequent parts of this series will be releasing soon!

This course covers the following Knowledge Areas of the Exam Guide:

Organization Setup
User Setup
Security and Access

I also have a Salesforce Practice Test Course with three timed practice tests available here -

Salesforce Certified Administrator - Lightning Experience - Part 1
  • Introduction and Getting Started

    In this introductory lecture we go over how to get started in your Salesforce Administrator journey. I also reference the Administrator Home Page on Trailhead as well as the Exam Guide Outline

  • Signing Up for a Free Salesforce Account

    This lesson takes you through the process of signing up for your own free Salesforce account. You will use this new, free account to work through the various exercises in this course. You can also keep this account for life and build additional solutions in the cloud, as you see fit.

    To get this...

  • Lightning Experience User Interface Overview

    In this lesson, we look at the core features of the Salesforce Lightning Experience User Interface.

  • Setup Menu Tour

    In this lesson, we access and get introduced to the Setup Menu. I share the enormity of the Setup Menu and discuss the dreaded Imposter Syndrome as well. We compare and contrast the Setup menu in Lightning Experience as compared to Salesforce Classic.

     I visit the Customize and Create menu opti...

  • Setting an Organization’s Fiscal Year

    In this lesson, I show you where to set an organization’s fiscal year setting. By default, an org’s fiscal year is set to the default fiscal start of January. We walk through the process of how to set a Fiscal Year to a Custom one, but we don’t save our changes.

    I also discuss some of the warnin...

  • Setting an Organization’s Business Hours

    In this lesson, we change the default Business Hours for our Salesforce Org from being open every day and 24 hours a day to instead be open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM in our local time zone.

    We also create a new Holiday in our orgs and set the Holiday to a recurring one.

  • Organization Currency Management

    In this lesson, we enable multiple currencies in our org.


    Do not enable multiple currencies in a workplace Salesforce org. Only follow along and enable Multiple Currencies if you are in a free Salesforce account that is intended for training purposes. I repeat, do not enable multiple c...

  • Enabling Advanced Currency Management

    In this lesson, I enable Advanced Currency Management, which allows you to manage dated exchange rates. Dated exchange rates enable you to map a currency conversion rate to a specific date range.

    About Advanced Currency Management -

  • Setting a Currency on an Opportunity

    In this lesson, we adjust the currency on an opportunity. We then look at the display of the parenthetical currency conversion of the opportunity.

  • Organization Default Settings

    In this lesson, we look at various default settings found on the Company Information screen, such as:

    Default Locale

    Default Language

    Default Time zone

    When you change an organization’s default locale to reflect your organization’s physical location, this may impact the display of some infor...

  • User Interface Settings

    In this lesson, we visit the multitude of settings available via the User Interface menu inside of Setup.

    Configure User Interface Settings -

  • User Management Settings and GDPR

    In this lesson, we address the settings available under the User Management Settings, some of which impact certain User Interface settings inside of Salesforce. We also discuss newer GDPR compliant features built into Salesforce now via the User Management Settings menu.

  • Search Settings

    In this lesson, we look at a feature that is currently only available to us as Administrators in Salesforce Classic – Search Settings. I demonstrate some of the Search Settings that can be configured in your org.

    We adjust the Number of Search Results Displayed Per Object. We also adjust the Loo...

  • Creating and Filtering List Views

    In this lesson, we create and filter list views.

  • Creating Kanban List Views

    In this lesson, we explore another visual representation of List Views – Kanban List Views. We address how to set the Kanban Grouping by Status on Cases and also look at dynamic updates to not only cases but leads and opportunities as well.

  • Customizing a Home Page Layout

    In this lesson, we start out in Salesforce Classic, because Home Page Layouts are not available to customize via the Setup Menu in Lightning Experience.

    To customize a Home Page Layout in Salesforce Classic:

    1. Go to Setup > Customize > Home > Home Page Layouts.

    2. Click the New button.

    3. Se...

  • Themes and Branding

    Here's a new feature on Lightning that may appear on your exam - Themes and Branding. Learn how to customize the appearance of Salesforce Lightning in your org.

  • Creating a New User

    In this lesson, we create a new user account.

    To create a user account for our fictional co-worker, John Doe:

    1. Click Setup to display the Setup menu.

    2. Search for Users in the Setup search field on the left.

    3. Locate and click on the Users link located under the Manage Users section of th...

  • Creating Multiple Users and Assigning Licenses

    In this lesson, we create multiple users and assign licenses to them.

    Standard User License Types -

  • Resetting a User Password

    In this lesson, I address how to reset a user password in Salesforce.

  • Resolving Locked User Accounts

    In this lesson, I cover how to troubleshoot and resolve user lockout issues.

  • Activating and Deactivating a User

    In this lesson, I cover how to activate and deactivate Salesforce users in your org.

  • Freezing a User

    In this lesson, I demonstrate how to freeze a user account. I also address common scenarios where freezing a user may be preferable to deactivating them.

  • Logging in as Another User

    In this lesson, I introduce you to Login Access Policies in the Setup Menu. Setting this functionality proves useful in troubleshooting issues reported by other users, because you can see and experience Salesforce from their perspective, based upon their own Profile, Role and security settings.