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Up Next in Salesforce Bootcamp Part 6 - Contract Management App Foundations Pack

  • Contract Management App Security Model

    In this lesson, we explore setting the Contracts object to Private, but demonstrate how Contracts and Accounts are tied together. To make Contracts Private at the Org Wide Default level, you would also be making Accounts private also. This has a cascading effect of having to also make Cases and O...

  • Creating the Contract Sales Processes

    In this lecture we create three different Sales Processes and accompanying Record Types for the Opportunity object related to Contract Management. 

    Those Sales Processes and Record Types are:

    B2B Widgets

    Call Center Business

    Property Management

  • Contract Management App User Interface

    In this lecture we create the app and then start addressing some of the user interface limitations. From there, we start improving the UI by adjusting page layouts.

    Show a Contract on Opportunity or Quote Details

    To show a contract on the opportunity or quote details, use field-level security a...