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Watch this video and more on Mike Wheeler Media +

Up Next in Salesforce Bootcamp Part 5 - Agile Apps Enhancements Pack

  • Mileage Tracker App Enhancements

    In this lesson we enhance the Mileage Tracker application. One enhancement in this lesson that we make is to relate a trip to a Project. We do this as a Lookup field so as to not make the Project field required on a Trip.

    We also add functionality to allow for entering mileage for other people. ...

  • Logging in as Another User

    In this lesson, we test out our Mileage Tracker enhancements by logging in as another user. To enable this, we access Login Access Policies. We then log in as another user and log a trip to verify that they only have the ability to enter in a Trip with a Record Type of Self and not Other.

    We als...

  • Expense Tracker App Enhancements

    In this lesson, we create a profile-specific validation rule. This is to enhance our Expense Tracker application.

    We work through the scenario of having only administrators able to enter an expense that is greater than $25.

    Validation Rule Code on Expense Object:

    AND(Amount__c > 25,$Profile.Na...