Salesforce Bootcamp Part 5 - Agile Apps Enhancements Pack

Salesforce Bootcamp Part 5 - Agile Apps Enhancements Pack

This course is the fifth course of my Salesforce Career Success Bootcamp Series of courses - there are a total of 11 courses in this Bootcamp Series. This course builds upon the work we performed in the previous courses in this Bootcamp series. I recommend that you take these courses in sequential order.

This Bootcamp Series and this course, the Agile Applications Enhancements Pack, is intended for someone that is trying to land their first Salesforce job and has been told that they lack the appropriate level of experience. No certification or prior Salesforce experience is required. 

In this course, we make enhancements across the suite of applications we have built thus far. This mimics real-world scenarios as apps are put to the test and improvements are discovered to then build.

This experience will help you expand your knowledge of the Salesforce platform, and also to come away with real-world applications that you can use in your own life – whether in an existing job, or helping you land you first, or next, Salesforce job.

I surveyed my students to find out what the biggest challenges were that they faced in launching their own Salesforce career. The most reported obstacle to starting a Salesforce career was a lack of experience. I created this Salesforce Career Success Bootcamp Series to empower you to 'Make Your Own Experience' rather than passively waiting for someone else to bestow your first Salesforce job randomly.

Salesforce Bootcamp Part 5 - Agile Apps Enhancements Pack
  • Bootcamp Part 5 - Agile Applications Enhancements Pack Introduction

    In this module, we revisit the apps we previously built. We identify areas for improvements and then we will work through making those improvements.

    Let’s get started with improving our applications!

    Part 5 Workbook - Agile Applications Enhancements Pack - https://kartrausers.s3.amazo...

  • Entering Job Opportunities into Our App

    In this lesson we use the app and test it out – much like real world user acceptance testing to find limitations and note enhancements. 

    Remember from our Job Opportunities App, that we have structured all job opportunities to start out as a Lead. 

    How do job leads come in?

    Inbound inquiries


  • Creating a Lightning App Page for Mobile

    In this lesson, we create a Lightning App Page for the Jobs & Recruiters application. We make the app page available in Lightning Experience and Mobile.

  • Creating Lead Record Types

    In this lesson we introduce Record Types to the Lead object. These record types include

    Job Lead

    Project Lead

    Volunteer Lead

    We also create a Lead Process for Volunteer Leads.

    We adjust the Lead Source selections, based on Record Type. We add custom fields to capture projected Salary informa...

  • Mileage Tracker App Enhancements

    In this lesson we enhance the Mileage Tracker application. One enhancement in this lesson that we make is to relate a trip to a Project. We do this as a Lookup field so as to not make the Project field required on a Trip.

    We also add functionality to allow for entering mileage for other people. ...

  • Logging in as Another User

    In this lesson, we test out our Mileage Tracker enhancements by logging in as another user. To enable this, we access Login Access Policies. We then log in as another user and log a trip to verify that they only have the ability to enter in a Trip with a Record Type of Self and not Other.

    We als...

  • Expense Tracker App Enhancements

    In this lesson, we create a profile-specific validation rule. This is to enhance our Expense Tracker application.

    We work through the scenario of having only administrators able to enter an expense that is greater than $25.

    Validation Rule Code on Expense Object:

    AND(Amount__c > 25,$Profile.Na...

  • Time Tracker App Enhancements

    In this lesson, we improve the Time Tracker application by first adding a Status picklist field to allow for submitting, approving and rejecting Time Cards. We then proceed with enabling Field History Tracking and setting the fields to track. We also adjust the Chatter Feed Tracking to now track ...

  • Security Enhancements - Profiles and Permission Sets

    In this lesson, we take away the ability of those with the Profile of Vice President to delete accounts. We then make an exception for one of those Vice President’s by creating a Permission Set and assign it to that user.