Salesforce Bootcamp Part 3 - Easy App Pack

Salesforce Bootcamp Part 3 - Easy App Pack

Salesforce Career Success Bootcamp - Easy App Pack - Build Multiple Applications on the Salesforce Platform.

This course is the third course of my Salesforce Career Success Bootcamp Series of courses - there are a total of 11 courses in this Bootcamp Series. 

This course, the Easy App Pack, is intended for someone that is trying to land their first Salesforce job and has been told that they lack the appropriate level of experience. No certification or prior Salesforce experience is required. 

We create several different applications in the Bootcamp series. In this course, we make several utility type applications. These applications are smaller in scope and can be put to use in your own household, job or freelance pursuits to gain experience on the platform and to make you more efficient as well. These apps include a Time Card application, Expense Tracking application, and a Mileage Tracker.

This experience will help you expand your knowledge of the Salesforce platform, and also to come away with real-world applications that you can use in your own life – whether in an existing job, or helping you land you first, or next, Salesforce job.

I surveyed my students to find out what the biggest challenges were that they faced in launching their own Salesforce career. The most reported obstacle to starting a Salesforce career was a lack of experience. I created this Salesforce Career Success Bootcamp Series to empower you to 'Make Your Own Experience' rather than passively waiting for someone else to bestow your first Salesforce job randomly.

Salesforce Bootcamp Part 3 - Easy App Pack
  • Bootcamp Part 3 - Easy App Pack Introduction

    In this introductory lecture, I discuss what lies ahead for this module – the Easy App Pack. We are going to be creating several different applications in this module. 

    The end goal of this module is for you to come away with hands on experience in building apps. This experience will help you ex...

  • Creating a Lightning Console Version of an App

    In this lecture, we create a Console version of our Time Tracker app. 

  • Creating an Interaction Log

    Be sure you have Sales Console User Permission or Service Cloud User Feature License

    Interaction Logs are currently only available for Console Applications in Salesforce Classic and not in Lightning Experience. 

    Set Up Interaction Logs for a Console in Salesforce Classic - https://he...

  • Creating Custom Console Components

    In this lesson (which I recorded while enjoying a nice cold that made my voice sound nice and deep, but it really is me) we create a custom console component in the Salesforce Service Console.

  • Creating a Formula and Rollup Summary Field

    In this lesson, we further enhance the Time Tracker application by creating a custom formula field on the Time Entry object to calculate the Hours Worked on each Time Entry. We use the following formula for our Hours Worked field:


    We then create a Validation Rule on ...

  • Time Tracker Field History Tracking

    In this lesson we track field history on the Time Entry object. We then look at a scenario where we need to track history on more than 20 fields by going to the Account object. We enable field history tracking on the Account object and then specify the 20 fields we wish to track. In the next less...

  • Using Chatter Feed Tracking

    In this lesson, I leverage the Feed Tracking of Chatter. This enables us to go beyond the 20 field limit of Field History Tracking, to in-turn track an additional 20 fields on the Account object. We also enable Chatter Feed Tracking on the Time Entry object. I then encounter a Lighting Glitch whe...

  • Creating a Mileage Tracker App in 12 Minutes

    This is a quick run through of creating an app in Salesforce in 12 minutes. In this lesson we create a Mileage Tracker App.

  • Making the Mileage Tracker App Mobile

    Once you have built the Mileage Tracker app, you can log in to the Salesforce Mobile app and see how it functions on your phone. Try and get hands on experience with your Mileage Tracker app when making trips and log your mileage. See if you can come up with enhancements and improvements to the a...

  • Creating Validation Rules

    In this lesson, we create a validation rule for our Mileage Tracking application. This rule is used to enforce that only positive distance traveled values are entered via the app.

  • Tracking Trip Field History

    In this lesson we track field history on our new custom Trip object by setting Field History Tracking. We also enable Feed Track for Chatter on the Trip object to also track field changes there as well. 

    I highlight a display glitch for Lightning in displaying the Chatter tab and we also adjust ...

  • Creating an Expenses Custom Object

    In this lesson, we create a new custom object to track expenses. We add Lookup fields to Projects, Trips and Opportunities to be able to associate these expenses with.

  • Creating an Expense App

    In this lesson, we create a new app, the Expenses App.

    We previously created a custom object to track expenses. We added Lookup fields to Projects, Trips and Opportunities to be able to associate these expenses with. We also explore Lookup Filters and making them optional. I demonstrate how to o...

  • Approval Process Demonstration

    In this lesson, I demonstrate how to complete the approval process assignment during a live QA call of the Bootcamp.

    The assignment was the following:
    Log in to the Salesforce Mobile app and see how your new applications function on your phone or tablet. Try to get hands-on experience with your ...