Salesforce Bootcamp Part 11 - First 30 Days Success Pack

Salesforce Bootcamp Part 11 - First 30 Days Success Pack

Salesforce Career Success Bootcamp - Make Your Own Experience - Ensure that Your First Salesforce Job is Not Your Last.

This course is the 11th and final course of my Salesforce Career Success Bootcamp series.

I surveyed my students to find out what the biggest challenges were that they faced in launching their own Salesforce career. The most reported obstacle to starting a Salesforce career was a lack of experience. I created my Salesforce Career Success Bootcamp to empower you to 'make your own experience' rather than passively waiting for someone else to bestow your first Salesforce job randomly.

In this 11th course, the First 30 Days Success Pack - I share my time-tested best practices on how to start a new Salesforce job on the right foot. This course is all about making a great first impression and how to be self-directed.

The ideal path for my Bootcamp experience is for you to enroll in and complete each of my courses in order. If you feel that some courses will not meet your needs at this time, you can mix and match the courses at your own convenience.

This course is intended for someone that is wanting to start their first or new Salesforce job off on the right foot.

Salesforce Bootcamp Part 11 - First 30 Days Success Pack
  • Bootcamp Part 11 - First 30 Days Success Pack - Promo

    Intro / trailer for the 11th module of the Bootcamp - the First 30 Days Success Pack

  • Bootcamp Part 11 - First 30 Day Success Pack Introduction

    In this introductory lecture, I discuss ways you can succeed on the job in the first 30 days of any Salesforce engagement. We kick things off by getting familiar with an app on the AppExchange.

    Config Workbook on AppExchange -

  • Adoption Dashboards

    In this lesson, I discuss a couple of helpful apps that Salesforce Labs provides:

  • Making Users Switch to Lightning

    In this lesson, we explore the Lightning Readiness Check. We then look at various ways to nag your user base to switch over to Lightning.

  • Company Information and Licenses

    In this lesson, we look at the Company Information page and how to leverage it for quick success on a new job. We also look at the various types of licenses that are displayed on the Company Information page.

  • Data Protection and Privacy

    In this lesson, we look at the Data Protection and Privacy page in Salesforce. Once you select to make data protection details available in records, this adds the Individual field to Leads, Contacts and Person Accounts. You will need to update their respective Page Layouts for the Individual look...

  • Learning the Lingo - Rename Tabs and Labels

    In this lesson, we discuss the Rename Tabs and Labels functionality of Salesforce. You will find some Salesforce orgs change the names of standard objects to other things. Visiting this feature of Salesforce will help you learn the lingo that is particular to the organization that you are working...

  • Automation Audits

    In this lesson, I discuss the various places to look in order to find automations that have been set up in an org. We address Workflow Rules, Processes, Approval Processes, Flows, and Apex Triggers. We also look at the Time-Based Workflow queue.

  • Learning About the History of a Salesforce Org

    In this lesson, I discuss how you can leverage the Critical Updates page to learn the history of a Salesforce org. You can also identify potential problems looming in the future for an org and proactively plan around and avoid those. 

  • Translation Workbench

    In this lecture, I discuss the Translation Workbench. We enable the Translation Workbench and add supported languages.

  • Setup Items - Early Salesforce Job

    In this lesson, I visit several additional items in the Setup menu that are good to know about when you first start a new Salesforce job. Among these items includes the Data Export functionality, Data Integration Rules, Duplicate Rules, and more.