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Watch this video and more on Mike Wheeler Media +

Up Next in Salesforce Bootcamp Part 10 - Salesforce Interview Success

  • Let Them Tell You

    In this lesson I discuss the extreme important of not underselling your abilities in the interview and job pursuit process. I encourage you to let them tell you that you are not _______ (fill in the blank) rather than you telling them whatever (often false) beliefs you have about yourself. 


  • Finishing an Interview Strong

    In this lesson, I address the importance of saving your best for last. The end of an interview is NOT the time to wimp out or shrink back. Save something in the tank for the final minutes so that you are at maximum energy and excitement. Reiterate your interest in the position, and that THIS is y...

  • Salesforce Interview Questions

    In this lesson, I walk through some of the more typical Salesforce interview questions that you will field. Some of these are general in nature, and will apply to any job interview, and not just Salesforce. I address different approaches on how you might choose to answer these sample questions be...