Live Salesforce Admin Class - Replays and Slides

Live Salesforce Admin Class - Replays and Slides

This course is a replay of my recent Live Salesforce Administrator Certification class. It includes the nine live sessions in replay format - over 15 hours of video content!

I have also included the slide decks in PDF format as well all video transcripts.

You will also find the curriculum spreadsheet for the live class included, which contains the replay chat log of shared links, weekly assignments from my 4-Part Admin Lightning series of courses, as well as recommended Trailhead modules.

I have taught this live class through five sessions previously and charged $297 per person to attend. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders, I can no longer facilitate teaching the class live.

I have decided to make the replays and materials from this live course available for replay as a 3-month rental here on my own Salesforce learning platform - Mike Wheeler Media+ - this gives you twelve weeks to complete this course which originally ran for 9 weeks.

I have decided to reduce the price by 75%, so you can gain access to these replays and all supporting materials for just $74.99!

When you rent this course, I will also send you a promo code for 75% off a 3 month subscription to Mike Wheeler Media+

This gives you access to not only my 4-Part Salesforce Lightning Admin Certification series (which we use for assigned homework in the live replay class) but also access to all of my training courses. That's hundreds of hours of Salesforce learning material available to you for 75% off as well.

Get started today and make the most of your time at home by getting certified on the Salesforce platform.

Please note that the live class previously included a Facebook Group for support. I am not providing a Facebook Group for the replay participants here, but you can ask questions in the comments below each replay video in order to get your questions answered!

Once you feel you are ready to take the certification exam, I encourage you to put your knowledge to the test with my Salesforce Admin Practice Tests

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Live Salesforce Admin Class - Replays and Slides

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