Salesforce Certified Administrator

Salesforce Certified Administrator

Prepare for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam by working through this course. This course covers all of the Knowledge Areas and Objectives found in the Exam Guide.

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Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Lesson 48 - Enabling the Enhanced Profile User Interface

    In this lesson, I show you how to enable the Enhanced Profile User Interface from User Management Settings. I then provide a tour of the enhanced interface.

    Create Libraries Help Article -

    Salesforce S...

  • Lesson 49 - Login IP Ranges

    For each profile, you can view and specify the IP addresses from which users can log in on Salesforce. When you define IP address restrictions for a profile, logins from undesignated IP addresses are denied, and addresses from specified IP addresses are allowed.

    Restrict Login IP Rang...

  • Lesson 49B - Setup Audit Trail

    A new addition to the updated exam guide Salesforce released on June 23, 2021 is the Setup Audit Trail.

    The Setup Audit Trail is available in Setup via View Setup Audit Trail. There you'll find the 20 most recent changes to your Salesforce org. You can also download the past 6 months of audit li...

  • Lesson 50 - Login Hours - What Happens at 5:01 PM

    In this lesson, I show you how to set the Login Hours at the profile level. I also address a commonly confusing scenario that has been floated around online regarding what happens to users who are logged in past the specified Login Hours.

    Work with Login Hours in the Enhanced Profile U...

  • Lesson 51 - Profile Object Settings

    In this lesson we look at the various Object Settings available on a Profile.

  • Lesson 52 - Profile Tab Settings - On, Off and Hidden

    In this lesson, we look at the Tab Settings for an object, found in the profile's Object Settings. We discuss the often confused differences between Tab On, Tab Off and Tab Hidden.

    Tab Settings -

  • Lesson 53 - Creating a Custom Profile

    In this lesson we look at creating a Custom Profile. When you create a Custom Profile, you are in essence cloning an existing profile.

  • Lesson 54 - Custom vs. Standard Profiles

    In this lesson we discuss some of the core differences between Standard and Custom profiles.

    Standard Profiles -

  • Lesson 55 - Permission Sets Introduction

    In this lesson I introduce you to Permission Sets. Permission Sets closely resemble Profile, but provide greater flexibility in that you can assign a user to multiple Permission Sets.

  • Lesson 56 - Creating a Permission Set

    In this lesson we create a Permission Set that extends the ability to delete cases to those users that are assigned to it.

    I also explain how items that are unchecked on a Permission Set do not take away or further restrict a user's access and rights.

    Permission Sets are used to extend furthe...

  • Lesson 57 - Permission Set Groups

    A permission set group streamlines permissions assignment and management. Use a permission set group to bundle permission sets together based on user job functions.

    Permission Set Groups -

  • Lesson 58 - Setting Organization Wide Defaults

    Define the default access level for an object’s records with organization-wide sharing settings. Organization-wide sharing settings can be set separately for custom objects and many standard objects, and you can set different levels of access for internal and external users.

    For most objects, or...

  • Lesson 59 - Roles and the Role Hierarchy

    In this lesson I introduce you to Roles and the Role Hierarchy.

    Create a User Role

  • Lesson 60 - Adding and Editing Roles in the Role Hierarchy

    In this lesson, I demonstrate how to add new roles and edit existing ones. I always advise that you record your current Role Hierarchy via a screen capture or print out before making changes to it.

  • Lesson 61 - Sharing Rules

    In this lesson, we navigate down to the Sharing Rules section of the Sharing Settings screen. It is here that you can create Sharing Rules for an object. I run through the various steps of creating the Sharing Rule in this lesson.

    Sharing Rules

  • Lesson 62 - Manual Sharing

    Records can be manually shared with other users. And now with the Spring '21 release, you can share records in Lightning.

    Share Records with Manual Sharing

  • Lesson 63 - Team Access

    In this lesson, we look at the various teams that are available in Salesforce. We go through the process of enabling teams, adding team related lists to page layouts and assigning members to a team on accounts and opportunities.

    Add Teams to Your Accounts -

  • Lesson 64 - Adding the Case Team Related List to a Page Layout

    In this lesson, we round out our teams work by adding the Case Team related list to the Case page layout.

  • Lesson 65 - Field Level Security from the Field Level

    There's more than one way to access and adjust the Field Level Security (FLS) on a field. In this we approach revising the FLS on a field at the field level via the Object Manager > Object > Field.

    Field-Level Security -

  • Lesson 66 - Field Level Security from the Profile Level

    Another way to adjust Field Level Security on a field is by way of an individual profile, then accessing the object and then field. In this lesson, I demonstrate the way you can hide a field from a profile, via the profile instead of at the field level.

    Field-level Security - https://h...

  • Lesson 67 - Viewing Field Accessibility

    You can also view field accessibility for a specific field via the View Field Accessibility button. In this lesson, I demonstrate this functionality.

  • Lesson 68 - Where is This Used?

    The Where is this Used? button is visible on the field details screen for custom fields only. In this lesson, I demonstrate what this button displays as far as field references as well as provide a help article resource with a list of other possible references that this button will possibly displ...

  • Lesson 69 - Public Groups

    Public Groups are used in many places in Salesforce. A public group is a set of users and can contain individual users, other groups, the users in a particular role or territory, or the users in a role or territory plus all of the users below that role or territory in the hierarchy. In this lesso...

  • Lesson 70 - Delegated Administration

    Use delegated administration to assign limited admin privileges to users in your org who aren’t administrators.

    Delegate Administrative Duties -

    Define Delegate Administrators -