Salesforce Certified Administrator

Salesforce Certified Administrator

Prepare for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam by working through this course. This course covers all of the Knowledge Areas and Objectives found in the Exam Guide.

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Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Lesson 24 - Search Settings

    In this lesson, I cover how to configure search settings in Classic as well as configuring search results in Lightning.

    Resources: Configure Search Settings in Salesforce Classic

    Configure Search Results in Lightni...

  • Lesson 25 - Creating and Filtering List Views

    In this lesson, I introduce you to List Views. We go over how to create and filter List Views as well.

  • Lesson 26 - Kanban and Split List Views

    There's other types of list views available in Lightning, besides tables. In this lesson I show you how to display a Kanban List View as well as a Split Live View. I also demonstrate some of the key functionality of these types of List Views.

  • Lesson 27 - Customizing a Home Page Layout

    In this lesson we discuss the Home Page Layout and how to customize it to suite your needs.

  • Lesson 28 - Themes and Branding

    In this lesson, I show you how to change the theme (appearance) of your Salesforce instance. I also demonstrate how to replace the Salesforce logo with one of your own!

  • Lesson 29 - User Setup and Salesforce License Types

    We are now going to start setting up users. In this lesson, we discuss the different Salesforce License Types.

  • Lesson 30 - Deactivating a User

    In this lesson, I demonstrate how to deactivate a user. This accomplishes freeing up a license in my org in order to later create a new user.

  • Lesson 31 - Creating a New User

    Now that we have freed up a license, it's time to create our new user. I walk through the steps of creating a new user account, being careful not to use a real email address, to avoid anyone receiving an email they didn't ask for.

    Resources: Available Feature Licenses

  • Lesson 32 - Creating Multiple Users and Assigning Licenses

    In this lesson, I demonstrate the functionality of adding multiple users at once, via the Add Multiple Users button found on the Users list page.

  • Lesson 33 - Resetting a User Password

    There are times you'll need to reset a user's password. I demonstrate how to do a password reset on a Salesforce user account in this lesson.

  • Lesson 34 - Resolving Locked User Accounts

    In this lesson, I purposefully log into one of my demo user account incorrectly, in order to get their user account locked.

    We then look at the user's login history to see their failed attempts. We also review and change the password policies in our org to reduce the limit for failed login atte...

  • Lesson 35 - Control Login Access Policies to Enable Logging In as Another User

    In this lesson, we look at Login Access Policies. It is here that you can allow or disallow administrators logging in as another user.

    Control Login Access Policies

  • Lesson 36 - Freezing a User

    When you can't deactivate a user, but need to keep them off your Salesforce instance, you can freeze them. You click the Freeze button from their User Detail screen.

    Resource: Freeze or Unfreeze User Accounts

  • Lesson 37 - User Management Settings and GDPR

    In this lesson we visit what I like to call Salesforce's 'Junk Drawer' - aka User Management Settings. This screen consists of several settings you can toggle on or off. We spend a moment on the settings related to GDPR and the toggle to enable the Enhanced Profile User Interface (which will be h...

  • Lesson 38 - SalesforceA Mobile App for User Administration

    The SalesforceA mobile app helps you be more productive and manage your Salesforce Org from anywhere. With the SalesforceA mobile app, you can:
    • Reset passwords
    • Freeze users
    • Edit users
    • Manage permission sets
    • Create new users
    • Reassign licenses
    • View real-time Trust status
    • Access to T...

  • Lesson 39 - Security and Access

    We are now getting into the security and access related items of the Configuration and Setup. In this introductory lesson, I prepare you for what lies ahead.

    The goals to aspire to, as stated in the Exam Guide for the Security and Access knowledge area are:

    - Explain the various organization se...

  • Lesson 40 - Organization-Level Security and Access Overview

    We get started with Organization-Level Security and Access Overview, which I refer to as 'Security for the Whole'. There will be several subsequent lessons where we address specific Organization-Level Security features and functions.

    Once we have adequately covered the security for the whole, we...

  • Lesson 41 - Organization Password Security Controls

    In this lesson we look at various features and settings available under Password Policies, where you can set the password policies for your org.

    Set Password Policies

  • Lesson 42 - Network Access and Setting Trusted IP Ranges

    Trusted IP Ranges define a list of IP addresses from which users can log in without receiving a login challenge for verification of their identity, such as a code sent to their mobile phone.

    Resource: Set Trusted IP Ranges for Your Organization

  • Lesson 43 - Device Activation - Formerly Identity Verification and History

    In this lesson we look at Device Activation and History, which were formerly known as Identify Verification and History, until they were renamed with the Spring '21 release of Salesforce.

    Resource: Identity Conformation is Now Device Activation -

  • Lesson 44 - Session Settings

    In this lesson, we look at Session Settings and how to modify them.

    Modify Session Security Settings

  • Lesson 45 - User-Level Security & Access Overview - Security for the Individual

    We now pivot from Organization-Level Security to User-Level Security - in essence shifting from Security for the Whole to Security for the Individual.

    We look at a great Salesforce resource called a Guide to Sharing Architecture and the Types of Data Access article. In this article is a diagram ...

  • Lesson 46 - Profiles Introduction

    In this lesson, I introduce you to Profiles. We get a glimpse of just how much can be set at the Profile level.

    Resource: Manage Profiles List

  • Lesson 47 - Profile Settings in the Original Profile Interface

    In this lesson, I walk through the functionality and features of the original profile interface. We look at the various settings for a profile.