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Watch this video and more on Mike Wheeler Media +

Up Next in NEW - Salesforce Certified Administrator 2021 (Updated June 29, 2021)

  • Lesson 241 - Sharing Model Impact on ...

    In this lesson, we demonstrate the impact on reports whenever you change the underlying sharing model, or org-wide defaults on an object.

  • Lesson 242 - Creating a Dashboard

    In this lesson, I walk you through how to create a Dashboard in Salesforce. Salesforce Dashboards are a visual representation of an underlying source report.

    A Salesforce Dashboard consists of one or many Dashboard Components. Depending on the underlying report format, each Dashboard Component c...

  • Lesson 243 - Joined Report Charts for...

    In this lesson, we add a chart to a Joined Report. Once we have done this, we will be able to add that chart to a dashboard, using the Joined Report as the underlying source report.