Mike interviews his students as they share their success stories and journey to a Cloud Career.

  • Gian Nass Quit His Job to Go to Dreamforce - Here's What Happened Next

    Mike Wheeler interviews Gian Nass about his journey from Brazil to Dreamforce 2019. Gian quit his job to make the journey to Dreamforce. Watch the inspiring interview to see how it all worked out for Gian.

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  • Bill Apostolacus Lands Salesforce Job after 59 Interviews

    Mike Wheeler interviews one of his students, Bill Apostolacus. Bill shares what he learned about perseverance in the face of multiple interview rejections. You won't want to miss his inspiring journey and advice.

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  • Justin Dux Lands Salesforce Job After 22 Interviews .. and a 54% Salary Increase

    Justin Dux shares his journey and lessons learned through a series of Salesforce interviews on the way to his first Salesforce job. Justin shares about his increased salary and tips on how to pivot into a Cloud Career with Salesforce.

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  • From Homeless to Salesforce Administrator - Cooper Pond

    Cooper Pond shares how learning Salesforce helped him go from being homeless to now working as a Salesforce Administrator.

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  • Group Interview at Dreamforce 2018

    Here's a fun group interview with three of my students at Dreamforce 2018 - Danny Leblanc, Jason Heninger and Wassim Chao. All of them were from different backgrounds and in different spots in their Salesforce careers. You can check out their LinkedIn profiles below to see where they are now.


  • How the Force Fundamental 5 Certs Helped Monika Crooks Increase Her Salary 50k

    Mike Wheeler interviews his student Monika Crooks. Monika share how she set about attaining five certifications. From there, she felt ready to interview for and land a six-figure job. She shares a lot of great tips and advice along the way.

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  • Salesforce Student Earl Major Shares His Career Journey at Dreamforce 2018

    I met Earl Major at Dreamforce 2018. He had recently passed the Administrator certification and started his first Salesforce job at the time of this recording. Since then, he has attained three more certifications and was also featured in a Dreamforce 2019 video as his career has progressed upwar...

  • David Nava Transitions from the Military Into a Salesforce Career

    David Nava shares his journey from a career in the military to transitioning to the Cloud with Salesforce. David shares his experiences with VetForce, along with several other programs geared toward transitioning vets in this interview.

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  • Christ Valentin Shares His Salesforce Journey at Dreamforce 2018

    At Dreamforce 2018, Christ Valentin shares with Mike his certification and career journey. Since this video was recorded, Christ has gone on to more certifications and now holds 16 certifications at the time of this posting.

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  • Viktor Khon Shares His Journey to His First Salesforce Job at Dreamforce 2018

    I had the pleasure of meeting many of my students at Dreamforce 2018. Many of them shared their success stories with me. One such success story was that of Viktor Khon, who at the time of this recording held two Salesforce certifications and had just been hired as a Salesforce Business Analyst / ...

  • Stephanie Rhodes is a 69 Year Old Salesforce Administrator for a Fortune 500 Co

    Stephanie Rhodes shares her journey coming out of retirement to start an entirely new career as a Salesforce Administrator for a Fortune 500 company.

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  • Aaron McGriff Shares His Journey from Unemployed to Certified and Hired

    Aaron McGriff was unemployed when he learned about Salesforce. He realized that Salesforce was an attainable path to a cloud career. He shares his story with Mike Wheeler on studying for the Admin exam, working through Trailhead, and leveraging Mike's courses to help him get to where he wanted to...

  • Owen Leaman Interview

    I visit with Owen Leaman. Owen shares his journey into a Salesforce career, soon after completing High School.

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  • Anthony Wheeler Interview

    I visit with my oldest son and Salesforce Developer, Anthony Wheeler. We discuss Anthony's formative years and his journey to learning how to code. We review some of our earliest projects we worked on together and how that played a role in forming the foundation for Anthony's career.

    Anthony Whe...

  • Andrew Fischer Interview

    I interview Andrew Fischer, who got his start in the Salesforce ecosystem working alongside me at Mike Wheeler Media. Andrew appeared in my first Salesforce course and went on to fail the Salesforce Administrator exam multiple times.

    In this interview, Andrew shares his journey to eventually pas...