NEW - Salesforce Developer I Certification (Part 1) - Intro to Apex

NEW - Salesforce Developer I Certification (Part 1) - Intro to Apex

This first course in our Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I Certification series contains 8 hours of in-depth video training to get you introduced to Apex - the core language of Salesforce.

In this course, we cover:

Apex Triggers

Apex Classes

Data Types


Object Oriented Concepts

Working with Salesforce Data

Custom Metadata Types

Platform Events

Asynchronous Apex

Extending Declarative Functionality

Testing and Debugging

This course also includes five development challenges to put your newfound coding skills into practice.

NOW is the time to take your Cloud Career to the next level by learning Apex with us.

NEW - Salesforce Developer I Certification (Part 1) - Intro to Apex
  • Lesson 49 - Invocable Methods

    We are now in the Extending Declarative Functionality section of this course. We get started with discussing Invocable Methods. Use the InvocableMethod annotation to identify methods that can be run as invocable actions.

    InvocableMethod Annotation

  • Lesson 50 - Invocable Variables

    Use the InvocableVariable annotation to identify variables used by invocable methods in custom classes.

    Here is the text of the email I received back from Salesforce:

    Your request to convert a lead into the following records has successfully completed:

    Account: Blues Entertainme...

  • Lesson 51 - Apex-Defined Types

    Supported data types in an Apex class are Boolean, Integer, Long, Decimal, Double, Date, DateTime, and String. Single values and lists are supported for each data type. Multiple Apex classes can be combined to represent complex web objects.

    Considerations for the Apex-Defined Data Type...

  • Lesson 52 - Challenge 4 - Create Flow that Runs Asynchronous Job

    This is the fourth challenge of this course. In this challenge, we will be creating a flow that runs an asynchronous job.

    The Flow.Interview class provides advanced controller access to flows and the ability to start a flow.

    Interview Class -

  • Lesson 53 - Challenge 4 - Work Check

    In this lesson, we check our work for the fourth challenge.

    Install Example Solution:

  • Lesson 54 - Introduction to Testing

    We are now in the Testing and Debugging section of the course. This lesson introduces you to Apex testing.

    Understanding Testing in Apex -

  • Lesson 55 - Basic Test Class

    In this lesson, we create a basic test class.

  • Lesson 56 - Test Data Factory

    The TestDataFactory class is a special type of class—it is a public class that is annotated with isTest and can be accessed only from a running test. Test utility classes contain methods that can be called by test methods to perform useful tasks, such as setting up test data. Test utility classes...

  • Lesson 57 - Testing Asynchronous Apex

    In this lesson, we test asynchronous Apex.

    Testing Queuable Apex -

  • Lesson 58 - Challenge 5 - Test Coverage for All

    This is the final challenge of this course.

    Install Setup Components - Setup:

    Opportunities, Pricebooks and Products Overview -

  • Lesson 59 - Challenge 5 - Work Check

    In this lesson, we check our work for the fifth and final challenge in this course.

    Install Example Solution - Solution:

  • Lesson 60 - Congratulations! Here's What Is Next

    This is the final lesson in this course. We are working on the next course in our Developer I series and will link to it here whenever it is complete.

    Also be sure to check out our Introduction to Salesforce DX and Visual Studio Code course -