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Watch this video and more on Mike Wheeler Media +

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  • Lesson 6 - Trigger Types and Contexts

    In this lesson, we look at the different trigger types and contexts, such as:

    Before Insert
    After Insert
    Before Update
    After Update
    Before Delete
    After Delete

    Triggers and Order of Execution -

  • Lesson 7 - Trigger Best Practices

    In this short lesson, I cover some Salesforce Trigger Best Practices, such as:

    One Trigger per Object
    Keep Triggers Logic-less
    Control Triggers with Declarative Functionality

  • Lesson 8 - Introduction to Apex Classes

    In this section we are going to begin developing Apex Classes.
    Now what is an Apex class?

    Any time we want to develop in Apex, but we don’t want to create a trigger, we do that development in an Apex class.

    Apex classes can be used to handle trigger logic, as we alluded to in the last section. ...